WEFTEC Chicago

Invest Sud de France steps up its international activities in the water sector

our international work in the water sector is intensifying towards the end of 2015.



Between visits to Britain in early September and the Netherlands in early November, we made our way to the WEFTEC event in Chicago, USA. We were able to approach and meet a range of businesses throughout the water industry. The companies we met were receptive and some had a concrete interest in France, and more specifically the Languedoc-Roussillon region promoted by Invest Sud de France.


A delegation of specialised companies was present at the Business France pavilion. They included Bio-UV, Polymem and Heliopur Technologies, all members of the water competitiveness cluster and/or the Swelia cluster, which were themselves represented by their respective directors. Sud de France Développement also supported our businesses. Four other companies, Odyssée Environnement, Cadden, CTP Environnement and Flavi also benefited from activity in this shared pavilion, with meetings organised by Business France. 


Visite du Consul de France à Chicago sur le pavillon France de WEFTEC


A presentation entitled "France Water Team: Gateway to French and EMEA Markets" was given at WEFTEC Chicago's Global Center by regional partners Invest Sud de France, the water competitiveness cluster and the Swelia cluster. The France Water Team brand's role is to present the country's rich and attractive water industry offering. It also demonstrated the relevance of the "integrated solution" approach (technological products plus innovative services) developed as part of the Languedoc-Roussillon's Smart Specialisation Strategy. The project is tailored to geographical areas of the market, covering not only the USA but also the Middle East and Africa. Consequently, American companies see our region as a safe, efficient base from which to access these markets. Invest Sud de France works to highlight this to its international contacts. 


France Water Team : Gateway to French and EMEA Markets" conference


The "Venture Investment Conference", organised by the Water Council - an organisation bringing together a diverse range of investors (investment funds, venture capital, banks, etc.) and businesses - was highly instructive, providing an understanding of the funding mechanisms of innovative water sector companies in the USA.


We also visited the Milwaukee Water Cluster and saw how the organisation and infrastructure has grown in less than two years, in particular the Water Business Park and the University of Wisconsin's School of Freshwater Sciences. Several companies from the French delegation plan to base their North American operations in Milwaukee. 


Visite du Water business Park et du Global Water Center de Milwaukee


The Water Council, our established partner in North America, had a very attractive and lively pavilion at WEFTEC Chicago, confirming its position as America's leading water cluster. Partnering with the Water Council was a good strategic choice, identified by Invest Sud de France in late 2013 as part of the 3S. It facilitated the signing of the MoU with our local partners, the water competitiveness cluster and the Swelia cluster.


The Water Council and Veolia chose WEFTEC Chicago to launch the "Pow! EmPowering Opportunities in Water" initiative, which will reward three innovative companies with funding and office facilities at the Global Water Center in Milwaukee.


Entries must be submitted by 15 November, see http://www.thewatercouncil.com/brew-corporate/.



Présentation du partenariat Languedoc-Roussillon/Wisconsin au Water Center


Invest Sud de France and WEDC, the Wisconsin economic development agency, have agreed to continue to work together for the benefit of their other priority sectors which currently include healthcare and biotechnology in addition to water.


In 2016, WEFTEC will be held in New Orleans. We can look forward to more French companies attending and an even higher profile for our region and our companies on the American market, a promising outlet for innovative solutions developed by our companies to tackle hydrological risks, industrial waste water and network renewal, of interest to both local authorities and businesses.


Contact: Françoise Clerc, Project manager



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